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Trust The Magic Touch!

2011-11-13 00:21:07 by Tovi-Noname

Stone Phillips really loves the magic touch.


Free Time With Tovi!

2011-08-31 18:16:08 by Tovi-Noname

Sometimes I just flat out crack myself up. This is why I've taken to making so many ridiculous YouTube videos. I think the world would be a better place if more people watched them. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch. But hey, may as well aim for the fence, if I'm going to aim at all.

I even made a fan page on Facebook! The wonders of technology... allowing me to entertain myself wherever there is internet access... wait... that sounds dirty.

Anyway, check my stuff out. You'll be glad you did, even if you don't realize it right away.

Fan Page!

YouTube Channel That You Should Subscribe To Because Peer Pressure Is For The Cool Kids!


Free Time With Tovi!

New Violin!

2010-12-07 18:50:35 by Tovi-Noname

I just received a lovely gift in the mail today.

I've been looking for a while, and was finally able to find a decent electric violin that I really liked, and now I have it. So, needless to say, I'll have to experiment with it! Hopefully I'll be able to post some new music soon, but I'm probably going to wait until sometime after Christmas to see if I can pull together enough money for some better sound equipment.

A new microphone would be nice. If anyone has any suggestions as to what kind to look for, I'd much appreciate it. ^_^


New Violin!


2010-09-27 20:42:36 by Tovi-Noname

I had to delete my newest audio.

I uploaded the wrong one, like a dumbass. I'll fix it here in a bit.


First Time In Ages...

2009-08-05 18:26:35 by Tovi-Noname

I actually submitted audio content again!

And imagine this, it's another rough (much stress on the "rough") draft.

But what can you expect? I don't have the equipment.

Also, excuse the maracas. I've been waiting to use them in a song FOREVER, and I figured... well, why the hell not? It's only a rough draft. Not like it's going to be all over the radio.

Anyway, hope you go for a listen, and enjoy!



2009-01-12 17:05:23 by Tovi-Noname

I probably ought to get to work for some 2009 entries...


New Song.

2008-12-04 11:26:01 by Tovi-Noname

Yeah, new song.

It's up.


It is.


Not joking.

Or am I!?

Who knows.

I know.



Those Green Eyes...

2008-10-21 22:47:09 by Tovi-Noname

I just put up a new song called "Those Green Eyes" a minute ago. It's not too shabby for seriously writting about 75% of it five minutes before recording it, and the version that's up here was litterally the first time I actually ran through the song, haha.

I wrote it for someone special, and she wanted to hear it. And since I was too shy to sing it to her face, I just directed her here.

So there you have it. I'll work on that cover song... eventually.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this little mini project! Sorry about the quality! Can't afford badass equipment!

Live it.

Love it.

Shove it.


Beat To The Punch!

2008-08-12 03:47:22 by Tovi-Noname

Someone covered Pokemon today.

But it's all good, I'm gonna end up doing one anyway, but first I've got to finish working some of my own music.

Live it.

Love it.

Shove it.


The Next Cover...

2008-07-26 17:26:27 by Tovi-Noname

So I asked the good folks in the Audio Forum which of five songs I should cover, and the winner was none other than.......

Drum roll, please.................



Yup! So be looking for that one here pretty soon! I'm also hopefully going to be working with someone else on another cover song!

Not only that, but I'm in the process of writting yet another song of my own, as well, so be looking!